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How do I Know if My Manual Transmission is Going Bad?

By knowing when to hire a qualified transmission repair technician, you can save time, money, and frustration. The longer you wait to address some issues, the more damage you will suffer.

Symptoms of a failing manual transmission:

  • The clutch slips when changing gears

  • The clutch pedal feels strange or not as responsive

  • Switching gears produces grinding sounds

  • Having trouble shifting into gear

  • When you release the clutch, you notice a burning or strange smell

  • Releasing the clutch causes the engine to rev high

  • Movement delays after shifting

  • Sounds that are strange or unfamiliar

  • Inability to put the car into gear or to take it out of gear

  • When in gear, RPMs are higher or lower than usual

  • And more…

If you notice any problems with your car, you should bring it to a shop as soon as possible. You can avoid costly repairs by catching transmission problems early on.

What is a Manual Transmission Rebuild?

Before rebuilding a transmission, experts inspect all involved parts, assess them for wear and damage, and replace those that need to be replaced.

A transmission rebuild may require the replacement of:

  • Bell housing and tail housing

  • Gears

  • Input shafts

  • Output shafts

  • Synchronizers

  • And more…

In some cases, the clutch or flywheel may also need to be repaired or replaced.

Can a manual transmission be rebuilt or repaired more cost-effectively?

Each case is unique. Simple parts replacements are required for some smaller repairs. The transmission might not be worth repairing if you wait too long, or if the tranny is clearly worn out, requiring a complete rebuild.

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