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Understanding the Purpose of Transfer Cases

Transfer Case
Transfer Case

How a Transfer Case Works

You only find transfer cases, or T-cases, in 4WD and AWD vehicles because their main goal is to distribute power from the transmission between the front and rear axles. They work in tandem with the transmission, driveshafts, axles, and differentials to ensure that power disperses evenly between the wheels.

The power goes through the output shaft to a set of chains or gears that operate the transfer case. Most modern cars will utilize chains since they’re quieter and lighter than gears. Even though gears are more common in older vehicles, some people prefer to have a T-case that uses them since they’re more reliable for heavy amounts of torque. This quality makes them perfect for off-road usage.

High-Gear vs. Low-Gear

Depending on the situation, T-cases also use high and low gear systems.Normal road speeds typically require low gears.Off-roading, however, can also be made easier by them. To take advantage of the extra traction, most off-roading requires high gear. Some cars will automatically change between them, but others will require the driver to do so.

When Yours Doesn't Work

Whether you use your car for daily commutes or for unbeaten paths, your T-case can eventually give out on you.That's why this guide discusses how to fix your transfer case if it stops working.

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